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About the Author:

Theresa Boza is a licensed clinical psychotherapist trained in psychology and social work. Her motto is that mental health therapy can benefit everyone. Improving mental health is akin to improving physical health. She is the director of a mental health practice, Bozacounseling, specializing in anger management, ending compulsive overeating; marriage and couple therapy; individual and group therapy using social brain healing, spiritual energy therapy, cognitive therapy and ancestral channeling of past lives of individuals who suffered, but were not victims of retaliatory stress. Channeling such individuals can minimize depression, anxiety, and to maximize happy brain hormones for a peaceful, loving kindness, and successful life radiating peace and love energy.

Readers of her book 'Reprogram Your Brain for Happiness' (click here) will learn the value of channeling and how ALL humans can honor and embody the past lives of the first humans-the Africans, who survived, traveled the earth, were non-xenophobic and made it possible for the growth and diversity of the human race rooted in the BIO-ENERGY VIBRATION of spiritual love and peace.

Self Transformation

Another way to heal your mental health and tap into higher power energies that starting over 100,000 years; you need to know the truth of the human race, our relatedness and our ancestral history. You can incorporate the spiritual wisdom of ALL your ancestors. This book begins that process of CHANNELING THE PAST LIFE healing for happiness, peace and non-violence using the wisdom of successful AFRICAN ancestors-who embodied the energy of THE FIRST HUMANS. The ancient roots to Loving Kinship with all life forms. Learn YOUR roots to loving kinship: click on a link:

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