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Given the world we currently live in with EGO-CENTERED energy or NARCISSISM one can rarely avoid Bad, Hurtful, Painful, or Traumatic Experiences no matter that we have happy experiences. Our brains have a natural proclivity towards a negativity bias, meaning "we don't forget bad things that happen." Bad things interfere with our general sense of HAPPINESS and well-being. Even words like "BLACK" SHEEP, UGLY, FAT, DUMB, OR THE "N" WORD can have a permanent impact on a young child's nervous system. The bioenergy of comparison words like BLACK and WHITE can have long term effects see the DOLL STUDY:

This can cause AT RISK FACTORS for Self-Limiting beliefs or for White Supremacy false beliefs consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously.  With Self-Limiting beliefs you may have sabotaging patterns that prevent reaching your natural full potential, success in Love, Financial Growth, Physical and Emotional optimal health.  With White Supremacy beliefs, a social disease-XENOPHOBIA, a person may dislike, hate, or have fears of people who do not look like them. They may violently or aggressively or with negative name-calling prevent others, who they view as different, from achieving their dreams and goals. This bio-energy and social disease pollutes the entire planet for violence. Don't allow yourself to have self-limiting beliefs stemming from the social disease Xenophobia.

For African Americans and people of African heritage, I encourage using the self-identification AFRICAN word "NUBIAN" instead of the European English word "Black." Be proud of your African heritage and honor your ancestors. I'm proud to be Nubian. Also the word Negro means Slave in the Portuguese Language. Many Hispanics view the word Black as evil. Caucasians view the word Black as inferior and dangerous. NUBIANS were the first humans and had cultures of high education, spiritual growth, royal families and great success. This NUBIAN civilization was destroyed. My new book not released yet is: CHANGING BIOENERGY:  Reprogram Your Brain for Loving Kindness, Peace, and Spirituality by Honoring the First Humans, the Nubian Way.

The reality of the world today is that people suffer from anxiety, depression, fear, hate, and violence, while leaders of countries spend more on ways to kill others than on ways to change beliefs and create peace and love of all life forms, which is the Nubian way. As a Nubian psychotherapist, I use mind, body, and spiritual techniques to reprogram the brain for happiness, mental and physical fitness. A lack of happiness and peace of mind can lead to overeating, drug abuse, poor anger management, depression, anxiety, criminal behaviors, relationship failures, job failures, and/or an inability to compete in the world of academia or business. Research has shown that HAPPINESS protects our physical fitness, mental fitness, and boosts our immune system in a healthy way. The African, IMHOTEH, thousands of years ago said "Be Happy." Are you currently sad, anxious, angry, or unhappy? GOOD NEWS, you can reprogram and change your bio-energy for happiness and peacefulness, despite the reality of the world today.

Many of us subconsciously embody the bio-energy of our own pain/and thought patterns, as well as our parents, grand parents and lost ancestors from negative words, messages, and actions, like in the psychological doll study.  We inherit emotional programs for Self-Limiting beliefs and for White Supremacy beliefs. These types of bio-energy patterns did not start with you.

In my book "REPROGRAM THE BRAIN FOR HAPPINESS" (click here) you will receive professional guidance for a happier life. You will learn the skills of many like Nelson Mandela who suffered, heard messages and saw behavior that impacted the central nervous system leading to thoughts of retaliation, thoughts of rage, and poor anger management.  However, you can rewire your brain and electromagnetic bio-energy fields for Love, Creativity, Compassion, and Success, also for Forgiveness.

The happiness program in this book gives you the tools to transcend for Love, Success, and Peace of Mind. Society creates words and messages for failure and Self-Limiting Beliefs. This lowers the number of individuals who will succeed in the MARKETPLACE and succeed with a DIVINE SPIRIT FOR  LOVE. Are you a victim of society's subliminal negative impact on YOUR brain & central nervous system; leading to failure in LOVE, WORK, HAPPINESS, and Loving Kindness towards ALL life forms?

If you are ready to do the work for optimal emotional healing, leading to optimal physical health, happiness, and a successful life than this book is your starting point. My MOTTO: mental health fitness is good for EVERYONE.  (CLICK BELOW ON THE BRAIN FOR YOUTUBE PRESENTATION.

Begin your steps TODAY towards social brain healing and a successful life in love & work. SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL LIFE THAT NO ONE TOLD YOU ABOUT.
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Learn how to end unhealthy behaviors and reprogram your brain to dissolve ENERGIES that block loving kindness, compassion, health, and financial success.

FROM MY BOOK you will learn various ways and skills to change your thoughts for HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, AND PEACEFULNESS by rewiring the neural pathways in the brain. Neuroscience has taught us that ALL the words, messages and behaviors you experienced from birth is embedded in your brain. It is highly likely that your emotional mind, has been impacted because of BAD THINGS HAPPENING. HOWEVER, NOT TO WORRY, new science in the field of Neuroscience have shown that we can reprogram our brains for LOVE, FORGIVENESS, FINANCIAL SUCCESS, ANGER MANAGEMENT, HAPPINESS, and the list goes on. CLICK ON THE NEUROPLASTICITY LINK above. Review the 7 minutes of youtube AND READ MY BOOK REPROGRAM THE BRAIN FOR HAPPINESS. 

Changing your thoughts will take EFFORT. When bad things happen we are stressed and we are prone to seek comfort. For example: lets say you may be prone to eat fattening, comfort food compulsively, especially when stressed. Your brain will continue to seek comfort food, because there is a strong brain neutral pathway for comfort food. However, you CAN create a new pathway in the brain that eats primarily healthy foods and less calories. It takes 20 days to plant the seed for the new pathway, and 30 days for the brain pathway to begin to form. Let's say you want peace in your life when feeling stressed. Well spend the next 30 days meditating, clean your house, no clutter, and do not use any profanity unless you are a comedian and it is for laughter. Your bio-energy will change and new neural pathways for peace will flow.....

Discover practical steps you can take starting today to increase happy hormones (DOSE): Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin to reduce victim thinking, anxiety, rage, and depression. With some EFFORT you CAN achieve your goals and increase your level of happiness, and spiritual peace. YOUR PEACE AND HAPPINESS WILL VIBRATE IN YOUR PERSONAL SPACES & IN OUR WORLD. LET'S DO THE WORK.



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